Case Studies


The following metamodels have been used for our small case study:



The following constraints are set for this model (in Pseudo-OCL)

The following costs models have been used:

Configuration: There was only a single operation availabe: To create the left server


Transformation and Reconfiguration: Twere no costs associated with building correspondance links and copying computers, but there were costs for creating additional servers, routers and cables. Additionally, operations were defined to set certain attributes without costs. Disconnection was not possible in the transformation scenario.


 Errandum: Unfortunately, the last graphics in the paper was wrong. This is the correct graphic displaying the new router needed:


Example files:

These are the example files which should be solveable by clingo 4.4 (note that the linux version seems to perform better than the windows version):

Configuration (requires clingo 4.3, 4.4 gives wrong solutions): Download ASP file

Transformation (requires clingo 4.3, 4.4 gives wrong solutions): Download ASP file

Reconfiguration:  Download ASP file

Synchronization:  Download ASP file