WP1 Project Management

No. Deliverable Milestone Document
D1.1 First intermediate project report M6 private
D1.2 Second intermediate project report M12 private
D1.3 Third intermediate project report M18 private
D1.4 Final project report M24 private
D1.5 Quality assurance plan and organizational structures M2 private

WP2 Roundtripable Model Exchange

No. Deliverable Milestone Document
D2.1 Tool federation pattern catalogue M3 private
D2.2 Requirements for tool federations in the production system domain M5 private
D2.3 Metamodel union operator M6 private
D2.4 Configuration Specification Language (CSL) M12 private
D2.5 Agile bi-directional transformation development methodology and supporting tools M14 private

WP3 Consistency-ensured Collaborative Modeling

No. Deliverable Milestone Document
D3.1 Survey on model virtualization approaches and requirements specification M7 private
D3.2 Model virtualization framework for COSIMO M12 private
D3.3 Model management framework for virtual models M20 private
D3.4 Model management operators for CSL M24 private

WP4 Guided reconfiguration

No. Deliverable Milestone Document
D4.1 Survey of version description formats/languages/tools M9 private
D4.2 VDML specification and operationalization M14 private
D4.3 Specification of component relationship constraints M18 private
D4.4 Specification of change operations for configurator models M18 private
D4.5 Specification of co-change strategies for configurator models M24 private

WP5 Evaluation

No. Deliverable Milestone Document
D5.1 Prototype of an Eclipse Xtext editor of CSL; report on applicability M15 private
D5.2 CSLadapters for 2 existing configurators; report on applicability and performance M18 private
D5.3 Report on the results of model management operators applied to the models selected in T5.2 M24 private
D5.4 Report on the results of the consistency constraints applied to the models selected in T5.2 M20 private
D5.5 Case study report M24 private